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  • Experience

    With over 17 years experience in specifically Utah criminal defense, I am confident that your case will be handled effectively and diligently. My unique process helps us stand apart from other Utah criminal defense attorneys meaning we know what you need, how to handle your case, and most importantly, how to win your case.

  • Expertise

    With hundreds of successful criminal defense cases under our belt, we have gained the experience YOU need! When selecting a criminal defense attorney, it’s important to look at their history and understand what your case requires in order for it to be a successful experience. Trust our expertise, integrity, and honesty as we handle the entire process for you.

  • Compassion

    Finding an attorney who actually has compassion and care on their agenda is extremely important and we understand that. You will have 100% support! We are on your side of the case at all times. We do not sway and we do not judge! Our care has been proven time and time again by the successful results provided to our clients.

  • Professionalism

    Doug Gubler is one of the most professional attorneys in the state of Utah. Having been involved in numerous programs, hundreds of cases, and gaining positive testimonials from his clients, professionalism is an imminent part of the criminal defense process. You will have full communication and knowledge through each step by working with our firm.

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