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Whether it’s Casey Anthony, Michael Vick, Jodi Arias, or O.J. Simpson, we hear about criminal trials on a regular basis. Terms like “prosecution”, “bail”, “defense”, and “allegation” get thrown around on the news and in the paper, but one term that is very important to focus on is “criminal defense attorney.”

What is a Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney is a lawyer who specializes in defending people who have been accused of crimes. They have special knowledge about concessions, questioning witnesses, and how to advise clients on the best course of action to take. Those who are accused of crimes seek out criminal defense attorneys because of their expertise and talents—they are very special lawyers. Read on to find out about the traits that criminal defense attorneys possess that make them so effective at what they do.

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Knowledge about Criminal Law

While all lawyers should be very familiar with the laws of the country, criminal defense attorneys need to have the same knowledge as regular lawyers plus extra knowledge about crimes and the laws that regulate them. A criminal defense attorney can defend their client very well because a thorough knowledge helps them when creating a case for the defense. Other lawyers who are not as familiar with criminal law might miss small details that could make a huge difference later. In any serious undertaking you want to find the most knowledgeable candidate possible. That is why criminal defense attorneys are perfect for those who have been accused of crimes—they are experts on criminal law.

Salt Lake City Defense Attorney

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Familiar with Local Court System and Law Enforcement

Home field advantage is a huge plus, especially in law. Great criminal defense lawyers are familiar with their local court system and the law enforcement in the area. Judges can be particular and a lawyer who is familiar with any possible quirks will have an easier time than someone who is unfamiliar and pushes all of the judge’s buttons. Similarly, being familiar and in good standing with local law enforcement could make it easier for the lawyer to get documents, interviews, etc. in a more timely manner.

Intimidating to the Prosecution

While bribes or threats are unethical, a lawyer who is extremely knowledgeable and confident will scare the prosecution and thus prompt them to make pleas and offers that they might not make otherwise. This is one of the reasons why those in criminal lawsuits should get a criminal defense attorney instead of a regular attorney. This quality is very helpful and most people find the confidence that their attorney exudes to be relieving.

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Care About the Outcome of the Trial and Their Client

Criminal defense attorneys are focused on their job, but they do not lose sight of the client and their needs and safety. They understand the consequences of jail on multiple levels—family life, health, money—and pay careful attention to all aspects of the trial to ensure that their client gets the best possible outcome. Criminal defense attorneys are used to paying attention to the details and working out minute aspects of a case for their client’s benefit.


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