Drug charges include many different defense issues. The facts of each case present different defense issues. Generally, defenses center around:
1. The reason for the stop or police intervention. Often times police prematurely invade your constitutional rights and do not have probable cause for the intervention. This defense is fact specific but include whether the officer had a reasonable suspicion based on facts then apparent to the officer that a crime had been committed or was about to be committed. There are other standards.
2. Every drug case requires possession with “knowledge” and “voluntariness”. Whether the drugs were found directly on your person may be an issue. Can possession be shown constructively (did you have ownership of the area where drugs found)? Were other people able to access the drugs?
3. There are generally issues on whether drugs were tested properly, whether the drug testing employed is scientifically accepted, whether there is a chain of custody, and whether a drug sample was preserved.

Plea bargains are generally offered in drug charges and can include reductions, dismissals, plea in abeyances, or diversions. Drug possession charges can lead to serious consequences.  Make sure you have the right person fighting for your constitutional rights.  Schedule an appointment now to start building your case.